We may ask several questions to you, and these are further to work on our offerings better. When you answer these questions we may either provide you with a complete solution or just a choice to return it. We strive hard to help you get the latest fashion apparels in your closet at just fair prices as well as the impeccable quality.
But, there 
are times, when you like the product but it fails to offer you the best fit. In the aforementioned case, you have a full advantage of returning the product within 10 days of the delivery. To return and exchange the process you can do so, by going to the orders section in your account and selecting the product you want to change. If you have any query about the returning product you can also contact our customer care department.

When you are making a return, please keep the following things in your mind to avoid any sort of future related issue-

1. Please select a valid reason to return the desired product.
2. You will also be asked how you want to get that refund, cash, in the account or just points.
3. In these cases, if you choose “in account” method, you need to fill the form and your details a lot carefully. This is because slight negligence can cost you a lot.
4. The refund process is initiated within 5-7 business days after the product is delivered back to us. Even if you don’t find the payment, feel free to contact us.
5. During pickup, please ensure that the product is in a good and untouched situation. It should not contain or carry any sort of fragrance and the tag should be attached to it. If not, we feel bad to inform you that a particular product can’t be returned. Non- returnable items: Apparels that are designed for you. In such a case, the
customized apparel will only be a fit for exchange with the different- smaller or bigger sizes. Mostly, it won’t happen because we take good care of the measurements as well as our customers’ requirements.
6. You can also ship the apparel by yourself.
7. If you select the refund to go in points, then they form your coupon code. Whenever you make a future purchase you can enjoy the facility to subtract the coupon points from the final order price. In case, of questions please free to e-mail us or call us on our helpline numbers.