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Our privacy policy is mentioned in detail, in the following context. Please go through these points, so that you can shop with us without any doubts or what we say future repentance. Moreover, when you begin accessing our website or make a purchase, we believe that you have totally understood our privacy terms.

1. Your Consent- When you submit your private details on our site, we honour it with all our heart. Not only this, we shall not trade this information or disclose the same to any third party vendors without your consent.

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3. Communication and Marketing: When you sign in or make a purchase we may provide you with our future offers, this is to tell you about our latest features and how you can earn profit from the same. You will be getting these promotional emails via your registered e-mail. If you have any problem with getting or receiving these e-mails you have full liberty to opt out of it.

Changes in the privacy policy-

For better working and provide you with safe user experience, we can change our policies at any time. Therefore, you are requested to review this section whenever you visit our website.